How to buy a mobile phone protective film with a curved screen? One: heat bending screen glass film


       With the gradual popularity of mobile phones and computers, on the one hand, manufacturers have increased their design innovations in their appearance, from the previous flat screens to the very popular curved screens; on the other hand, the majority of consumers have newly bought back One thing is to stick a film to protect your beloved phone.
      Commonly used curved screen protective films mainly include: thermal bending screen glass film, PET hydraulic film, TPU hydraulic film, nano liquid protective film, etc.
      From this issue, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the above-mentioned curved screen protective films one by one.
      First, the thermal bending screen glass film is made by heating the glass to soften it, then forming it in a mold, and finally annealing it.
      The thermal bending screen glass film has the advantages of ordinary glass film and has good hardness. At the same time, the thermally curved screen glass film can fully fit the curved screen mobile phone, with a smooth surface and good transparency.
      Although the heat-curved screen glass film is improved through the production process, the entire edge of the mobile phone can be wrapped. However, the heat-curved screen glass film uses glue on all sides, resulting in the formation of rainbow patterns on the touch screen. After a period of use, the edges of the phone will be degummed, white edges, curled edges, and dust will enter. In addition, there may be glue residue when the thermally bent screen glass film is torn off.

      Although the thermal bending screen glass film has been improved through the production process, it will inevitably retain some of the shortcomings of the tempered glass film: the thermal bending screen glass film is a bit thick, and the fit of the screen needs to be improved; at the same time, the overall surface is fragile and has cracks. possibility.

      The thermal bending screen glass film is a protective film made by heating and softening glass, so it is difficult to control the accuracy of the reduction of the aperture size ratio, which makes it difficult to accurately fit the thermal bending screen glass film to the curvature of the phone body .      

      The above is for reference only. How to buy a protective film for curved screen mobile phones? Please pay attention to the next issue.

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