Two heroes in the market, do you know how to choose TPU film and tempered glass film?


At present, there are three main types of mobile phone screen protective films: PET film, tempered glass film and TPU film, but the best-selling in the market is undoubtedly the tempered glass film and TPU protective film.

Two heroes in the market, do you know how to choose TPU film and tempered glass film?

First of all, TPU film and tempered glass film have higher light transmission, scratch resistance, and oleophobic and waterproof functions. They are two very popular screen protection films on the market.

The tempered glass film itself is not easy to bend and cannot fit the curved part closely. Therefore, the manufacturer chooses to launch the screen part of the glass material, surrounded by plastic and other materials of full-covered tempered film. But in this way, an inevitable problem is prone to appear: white edges. Therefore, for curved screens, the disadvantage of tempered glass film is that it is prone to inadequate application and warping at the corners and arcs of the curved screen, and it is difficult to achieve comprehensive screen protection.

Compared with tempered glass film, TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is a new type of organic polymer material, with physical properties that other materials cannot match, such as superior ductility, shrinkage, abrasion resistance, aging resistance, etc. . The TPU protective film has super ductility and retractability, so it can completely cover the entire screen without white edges or warped edges.

In general, the main purpose of the screen film is to prevent falling and effectively protect mobile phones, tablets or wearable devices. The toughened glass film and TPU protective film are made of different materials, and their anti-drop performance is also different. Because the physical properties of the TPU protective film have a certain degree of cushioning and shock absorption, it has super ductility and retraction, and it will better protect the mobile phone screen when compared to the glass material when it is dropped.

TPU film is undoubtedly the best choice for screen protection.

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