What are the factors that affect the charging and transmission rate of the data line?


As a must-have for electronic products such as mobile phones, computers, and wearable devices, data cables have entered our lives.
Data lines generally have two functions, one is to transmit power, and the other is to transmit data.

First of all, from the perspective of data cable charging, generally speaking, the cable for transmitting power is thicker than the cable for transmitting data, because the current it has to bear is larger than the cable for transmitting data. In theory, the thicker/shorter the data line, the faster the charging speed. Because the size of the resistance is related to the cross-section and length of the wire. The smaller the cross-section of the copper wire in the data line (the wire body is thinner), the greater the resistance; the longer the copper wire in the data line, the higher the current loss on the wire body, and the slower the charging speed.

Secondly, from the perspective of data line data transmission, under the premise of ensuring quality, it is better to choose a thicker or shorter data line. After all, for data transmission, using a too long data line to transmit data, the transmission efficiency Will drop a lot. If the wire is not good and the copper diameter is small, even if the length meets the requirements, the more energy is lost in data transmission, the transmission effect will be greatly reduced, and the data line may even become heated, which can greatly affect the work efficiency.

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