Do you know how to properly maintain the power bank?


With the frequent use of digital products such as mobile phones and tablet computers, mobile power supplies that are convenient for people's lives and replenish power in time have become everyone's carry-on items.
So usually, do you know how to properly maintain the power bank?
First of all, the newly purchased power bank has very low power when it is used for the first time, so it is best to charge it fully before using it for the first time after purchase, which will help improve the performance of the power bank.

Secondly, the maintenance of the mobile power is to keep the electronics in the mobile power in a mobile state, and the way to maximize the effectiveness of the mobile power is to use it frequently. If you do not use it frequently, please remember to charge and discharge the mobile power once a month.
If you don’t plan to use the power bank for a long time, it’s best to keep the battery at 50% before storing it. Storing the power bank with empty battery will make the battery unable to withstand any charge due to deep discharge. On the contrary, if the mobile power supply is fully charged and then stored, the battery will lose part of the power, that is, shorten the battery's use time.
Third, do not put the mobile power supply in extreme environments: high temperature, collisions, etc. are important causes of battery explosion, try to keep the battery in a stable environment.
Fourth, we should pay attention to it from time to time, and be sure to store the mobile power supply in a place out of reach of children.

5. The mobile power supply should avoid contact with metal materials to avoid unnecessary short circuits.
Although the safety and stability of mobile power is higher than that of ordinary batteries, it will not explode as frequently as ordinary lithium batteries. However, everyone should maintain the mobile power correctly, store it correctly, and pay attention to safety.

Exciting always pays attention to the safety of consumers, so that consumers can buy and use with peace of mind.

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