Why is nylon braided data cable so popular?


With the popularization of digital products such as mobile phones and computers, data lines have also flown into the homes of ordinary people.
There are many types of data cables, only from the outer skin material of the data cables, there are PVC data cables, TPE data cables, nylon braided data cables, polyester fiber braided data cables and so on.
Among them, why nylon braided data cables are becoming more and more popular among consumers.

First of all, nylon material has excellent physical properties: high flame retardancy, high strength, abrasion resistance, electrical insulation, etc. Its plastic raw material is translucent, white or black crystalline polymer, which is plastic and not easy to deform. Nylon has strong strength and good abrasion resistance, ranking first among fibers. Its abrasion resistance is 10 times that of cotton fiber, 10 times that of dry viscose fiber, and 140 times that of wet fiber.
The nylon braided data cable is resistant to folding and will not break. It can make up for the shortcomings of PVC and TPE plastic materials, such as relatively hard texture, poor resilience, and easy breakage, peeling, etc.
The nylon braided data cable has a beautiful appearance: it comes in various colors such as red, blue, yellow, black, and gold to meet the consumer needs of different countries and different age groups.
The nylon braided data cable has very good resilience: there is no threading phenomenon, the nylon braided data cable is soft and resilient, not easy to tangles or creases; and it feels good and feels comfortable to the touch.
The nylon braided data cable has excellent durability: strong external tensile strength, not easy to deform, not easy to break, and the wire is not easy to be damaged.
The above advantages determine its popularity in the market, although its price is slightly more expensive.

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